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Mindfulness Association Online Supervision Training Course


To book your place please contact info@mindfulnessassociation.net for the booking link.

6 week course starting on Wednesday 10th January 2018

This course will provide you with an opportunity to develop the skills and know-how needed in the specific context of mindfulness supervision. It will include inquiry skills, additional skills in facilitation to unfold experience, considerations when working one-to-one, navigating the various roles and functions you will take on as a mindfulness supervisor, setting up a working agreement and giving feedback using the MBITAC document. Within mindfulness supervision, the session itself is imbued with mindfulness. There are short periods of practice interspersed with dialogue and the dialogue itself becomes an exercise in being present. This all happens in the context of embodied goundedness and compassion. For this reason our embodiment of mindfulness in relationship will also be a focus during the course.

Participants undertaking this training will have completed training in mindfulness supervision and will be free to set themselves up as mindfulness supervisors providing they meet the Supervisor Good Practice Guidelines, they will not become Mindfulness Association supervisors by doing this course.

The course will consist of 5 components as follows:

1)  4 x 1 hour sessions online on Wednesdays bi-weekly at 7pm (10, 24 January and 7, 21 February 2018)

These will be to check in about how the peer sessions are going, share learnings, witness Fay modelling the supervisor role, learn how to use the FIG Model (which is the Mindfulness Association’s model of supervision – Facilitation, Inquiry, Guidance) and the MBITAC as a feedback tool and discuss practicalities such as the Supervision Policy and creating a Working Agreement.

2) 2 video recorded talks:

One talk will explain the FIG model (Facilitation, Inquiry, Guidance) and one will describe the various documents we need to be familiar with – the Supervision Policy, Supervisor Good Practice Guidelines and the Working Agreement. Click here to download.

  - Commitment to a 1 hour session per week of peer supervision in pairs (20 mins one person, 10 mins feedback then swop)

  - Commitment to journaling between the peer sessions.

  - A one to one 30 minute online or phone meeting with Fay in the final week to reflect on the process with reference to your journal and have some supervision about the supervisor training experience.

To be ready for this training you need to have:
- Completed the MBLC retreat
- Be experienced as a mindfulness practitioner, having been practicing for a minimum of 4 years and having deeply integrated mindfulness into your life, with a sense that it is a priority.
-Have taught at least 4 MBLC courses or equivalent (MBSR or MBCT or Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate Course).
- Have had at least a year of your own mindfulness supervision.
- Be on the UK Listing or be in the process of working towards being on it.
Please be aware that to begin to practice as a supervisor after completing this training you will need to follow the Supervisor Good Practice Guidelines which you can look at here – Click here to download.. For example, you will need to have taught at least 9 MBLCs, have been practicing for 5 years minimum and be either a clinical supervisor or a mindfulness teacher trainer or equivalent. So this training may represent a stage in the process of moving towards being ready to become a supervisor. If you are unsure as to whether you meet these requirements please contact Fay on adamsfay@gmail.com




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