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Samye Ling CPD Mindful Movement and Enquiry Skills Collective Weekend 2017

Mindful movement seems to be a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it! Whether you love it and always feel that its importance is underestimated within mindfulness trainings, or whether you hate it and cringe with awkwardness at the necessity of teaching it – this weekend is for you.

As with all our CPD weekends there will be training in inquiry skills throughout the weekend.

This will be a weekend to launch a new engagement with Mindful movement. We will enjoy contributions from a variety of Mindfulness teachers with experience or interest in diverse kinds of mindful movement, influenced by martial arts and chi gong, yoga, dance and theatre. Each will contribute a sequence or approach that we can practice ourselves as teachers and then pass on to others. The contributions will be videoed so that you can practice them at home after the weekend until you’re ready to teach them yourself.

We hope that this weekend will kindle an enthusiasm in the possibilities that mindful movement has to offer – anchoring into presence, spontaneity and rhythm, energising and revitalising body sensations, encountering self-limiting patterning, reconnection with our instinct and a sense of flow, expressing feeling in a natural way, tender connection with our body, truly feeling the ground and the peace that this can bring, ease and appreciation of our freedom to move, gentleness towards our body’s limitations and any illness and working with rather than against.

In this weekend we will encounter the simple joy of moving mindfully, while also connecting with other practitioners and teachers on the same journey.

Booking Information

Location: Samye Ling Tibetan Centre, Eskdalemuir (nr Lockerbie) To book your accommodation and meals please click here.

Tutor: Fay Adams and 'other Mindfulness Association tutors'
Dates: 24-26 March 2017
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Times: The weekend begins at 7pm (evening meal at 6pm) on the Friday evening, between 8am and 8pm on Saturday and between 8am and 3.30pm on a Sunday
Cost: £140, including manual.


London CPD Weekend Empathic Resonance in Relationships: Interpersonal Mindfulness Training for Mindfulness Teachers 2017

The aim with this CPD weekend is to expand and enrich our capacity as Mindfulness teachers to effectively interact and communicate with program participants. Qualities associated with silent meditation like mental stability, calmness, kindness and clear and spacious awareness are developed in practice with others. By integrating these meditative qualities directly into relationship one experiences greater freedom interpersonally and increased ability for attuned responses with others.

During the CPD weekend we will explore what enhances empathic resonance interpersonally by deepening the skill of inquiry, using the four foundations of Mindfulness to see how we buy into the story and how we can deconstruct our conditioned responses. We will also use the group as an object for contemplation to enable insight into our social habitual patterns, our projections and triggers for reactivity. Being aware of our habitual patterns, and seeing the layers underneath our reactivity, creates freedom of choice and the ability to experiment with new more attuned behaviour to our present reality both internally and interpersonally.

Through deepening awareness we will encourage participants to explore their own case-studies through the use of role-play. This will be particularly helpful where we may have felt challenged during the practice of mindful inquiry or mindful presence in relation to another during our teaching practice.

Booking Information

Location: London Samye Dzong, 15 Spa Road, Bermondsey SE16 3SA. For more information please click here.

Tutor: Angie Ball and Annick Nevejan
Dates: 23-24 September 2017
  To book this course please click here
Times: The course runs from 10.00am till 17.00pm on Saturday and Sunday
Cost: £140, including manual.









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